EvoSphere is a 3 dimensional Physics Environment to evolve virtual Critters. This framework is made using the Unity Game engine and allows the user to study evolution in action. The central idea of EvoSphere is to provide an open and complex environment for researchers to perform experiments in an easy way. To this end, EvoSphere is designed in a modular fashion so that brains (neuro controllers) and bodies can easily exchanged, while at the same time the fitness functions and landscapes can be modified in a simple way.

EvoSphere comes with different types of Brains and Bodies already implemented, and they can be configured easily, without changing a single line of code. Environments can either be setup through the GUI of Unity, or for a more script oriented used, using C#, JavaScript, or Boo.

The user can choose from the following Neural Controllers:

available brain types
Artificial Neural Networks
Avida CPU
Genetic Programming
Markov Brains
Simple evolvable CPU
SinCos Pattern Generators

And we are working on Gene Regulatory Networks
These brains can be seamlessly combined with the following Bodies:

available body types
ArachNomorphs – N legged walker
Hinge-Cube Morphology
Marvin – an E-Puck like Wheeled robot
Sim’s Like Blocky Creatures
Walking Tables

Currently the framework is under development, but please contact us if you want to get involved.